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Why to visit Kanha National Park

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Reasons to visit Kanha national park
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Central India is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. This region is blessed with many popular tiger reserves with diversity in terrain, vegetation, animals, birds, reptiles etc. Among them Kanha national park has its own distinctive space. This forest is spread over Maikal-Satpura range and offering natural habitat to some amazing wildlife species. With great history of wildlife conservation, this national park offers many reasons that inspire wildlife lovers to come and explore this magical forest.

Why to visit Kanha national park

Reasons to visit Kanha national park

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  • Hard-ground Barasingha: In order to see and photograph hard-ground barasingha, we have only one forest to visit and it is Kanha national park. In order to see this golden yellow rare deer species, must visit Kanha national park and try to explore its Kanha safari zone. Its sighting will not be so difficult. For sure you will have its sighting. During safari, must study its conservation history.
  • Tiger habitat: Kanha tiger reserve forest is a prime tiger habitat. For tiger safari, photography and to study its natural habitat, one should must visit Kanha national park. No only study the tiger tracking ways, but also study its habitat, territories, prey-base and much more.
  • Sal Forest: Kanha national park is special safari destination to drive through sal forest. In Central India region, safari experience in sal forest is not possible at other popular national parks like Pench, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba and Panna national park. Sanjay Dubri tiger reserve will be an exception.
  • Termite hills forest: Due to red soil content in Kanha tiger reserve area, we will notice some great termite hills, in a series. Such a huge termite hills in a large area of forest is not so easy to see in any other tiger reserve of Central India. Must visit and try to find out the reason why so many termite hills are in one forest area?
  • Educational safaris: Doing safari in Kanha national park is not just a animal tracking and photography experience. Here we can actually learn conservation by practical examples on grass management, weeds management, enclosure system, foot patroling, fire line work etc.
  • Mouse deer safari: Kanha tiger reserve is home of mouse deers in India. He is such an elusive animal that its sighting or photographs are very rare. Park management confirms that mouse deers are present in Kanha forest thus we can try our luck at evening safaris to trace mouse deers in tiger reserve area.

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