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Naming of any place is a window through which we can imagine and understand the past of that region. Naming of a region, done by past generation on the basis for certain characteristics associated with that region thus name reflects the history. The name "Kanha" is also reflecting the history of this region. There is no consensus on one reason behind the naming of Kanha region thus people have various versions of story. So we need to read them and derive our conclusion as per our understanding.

Kanha naming history

Naming of Kanha national park

One thing is sure that name of Kanha national park is derived from one of the important village, located at today's central point of Kanha zone, where we can find Kanha museum also. It was important village which uses Kanha meadows area for agriculture and local people were well settled there. Thus during survey work, forest officials recognized the importance of central location and importance of that village thus took Kanha word from name of that village and renamed it Kanha national park. Earlier 2 wildlife sanctuaries were present in name of Banjar valley sanctuary and Halon valley sanctuary. They were established during British India rule to preserve Sal forest as these sal wood was used in railway sleepers.

How Kanha village named ?

On getting information as how Kanha national park was named from Kanha village. Now question arises how Kanha village was named. Here we will find different stories and logics like:

  • From soil: Some people says that Kanha forest region has a particular clayey soil type whose local name was given as Kanhar and thus Kanha name is derived from Kanhar word.
  • From river: While traveling from Mandla to Kanha Khatia gate side, before reaching Banjar river, we cross a small river called Kanhar river. Some people believes that Kanha word is derived from Kanhar river.
  • From Gond ruler: One of the most logical reason seems to be naming from local ruler. Local educated society believes on this reason. If we will see the naming pattern of many Indian cities or townships, which were deliberately established as any place by some local powerful ruler, they tried to give there name to those cities or town or villages. Similarly, even if not ordered by local ruler, local people took name of there village from local ruler to get special attention of ruling authority and please there ruler. Around 50 gond rulers ruled over this region in which ruler Krishnadeo was one. It seems Kanha word is inspired from ruler Krishnadeo. It seems realistic because many other nearby villages were named in same pattern.
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