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A. A. Dunbar Brander was a forest officer in British India government. He was born to British parents James Brander and Alice Grant in April month of 1877. During his Indian forest service, he spend more than 21 years (1900 to 1921) in Central Province of Central India region. During this tenure, he visit forests of Central India and prepared his notes which were shared with world in the form of his books like "Wild Animals in Central India" etc. During his service in India, he covered all the forests under Central Provinces like today's Kanha tiger reserve, Pench tiger reserve, Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve, Satpura tiger reserve. In those days, Bandhavgarh and Panna forests was private reserve of different Indian rulers thus no information about these forest.

Shikari Life

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While remembering A. A. Dunbar Brander, Mr. James W. Best wrotes that Dunbar Brander was one of the great shikaris (hunter) of the Indian Forest Service under British Administration. Originally he was from Lossiemouth in Scotland where he learned about the shooting. Later he studied at Cooper's Hill in Germany and then joined the Indian Forest Service and spend 21 years in Central Province. It was golden opportunity to practice his shooting skill in forests of Central Province. During the visit of Duke of Connaught in Central Province, A A Dunbar Brander was with him at Balaghat Camp in 1921. After involved in shooting for long period, he ceased to shoot for about 6 years and observed animals life with different shades which were uncovered till now. This experience came out in the form of his books.

A A Dunbar Brander at Kanha Forest

If you are interested to understand the work of A A Dunbar Brander then must go through his Working Plan for the forests of Banjar Vallery Reserve. He made this plan as a Deputy Conservator of the Forests. This was made for Mandla forest division, Northern circle of Central Provinces. It was a plan for the period from 1904 ti 1935. It was the curcuial time of shaping of today's Kanha tiger reserve. Banjar Valley Reserve. In his work plan, Mr. Brander described all details of this region from local people, culture, rituals, occupation, soil, rivers, trees, climatic conditions, rainfall, hills etc. These details are the base of any policy making process and on such policies and plans, foundation of building lies. Today's Kanha tiger reserve is on the foundation work of Sir A. A. Dunbar Brander. Even today, officials refers papers of that work plan to make changes in existing policy.

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