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As per its name, core zone forest is central part of Kanha tiger reserve. As per court rule, we can do jungle safaris in 20% part only thus here also we will do jungle safaris in small part of forest, rest of the area will remain protected but undisturbed from tourist activities. These tourism areas of core forest is open for visitors from October to June month. It means it remain closed in monsoon season (July to September). Here we are sharing valuable information to resolve the queries like:

  • What are the core zones in Kanha national park ?
  • What is the importance of core zone?
  • How to do jungle safaris in these core zones ?
  • What precautions we should take while plannig to visit core zones ?
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Kanha core safari zones

Here we have tried to prepare a list or core zones in Kanha national park. All of these core zones are popular among tourists. In addition to this, learn about the associated safari vehicle entry gates for these core zones and advisory on where should we choose our stay as per safari zones. Right combination will make your tour experience better and convenient with no shocking surprise. So go through details carefully and plan accordingly.

Zone Name Designated Entry Gate Where to stay
Kanha zone Khatia/Mukki/Sarhi entry gate Stay at any resort or hotel near Khatia or Mukki or Sarhi gate
Kisli zone Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi entry gate Stay at any resort or hotel near Khatia or Mukki or Sarhi gate
Mukki zone Mukki/Khatia entry gate Stay at any resort near Mukki or Khatia gate
Sarhi zone Sarhi / Khatia gate Stay at any resort or hotel near Sarhi or Khatia gate

Why to visit core zones

Core zone forest is the central part of forest which is surrounded by buffer zone. When it comes to forest, both core and buffer zone forest are almost same and there is not physical boundary in between them thus for normal visitors, forest will be same and oursider will never distinguish between core and buffer zone forest. Still core zone safaris are most preferred choice of tourists due to many reasons like:

  • Undisturbed forest: Due to absence of villages & resorts, core zone forest areas remain undisturbed part of forest, for animals and tourists. Due to least human disburbance, animals movement remain good which results into good safari experience.
  • Tiger sighting: At Kanha national park, majority of tiger sightings took place in core zone forest. Due to undisturbed atmosphere with good preybase and water facility, tiger prefers this part of forest thus tiger sighting is good in this forest.
  • Better photography: Due to undisturbed forest, animals like this part of forest. Due to high density of animals, here wildlife photography experience remains good for photographers.
  • Varying landscapes: Buffer zone forest is mostly of similar with plains. Core zone forest are spread on varying landscapes like hills, meadows, valley area etc. Thus its scenic beauty is much better than buffer zone forests.

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