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Kanha Core Zones

Kanha Safari Booking Kanha Tiger Reserve comprises Kanha National Park and other forest areas. Kanha national park is further divided into safari zones for better management practice. Here we are discussing about Kanha Safari Zone which is considered as the best core zone of this national park. Almost all the visitors have information about safari zones and they choose their safari zone at the time of safari ticket booking. Kanha Zone is considered as the oldest safari zone of Kanha national park. If I go by the past, it reminds me of the time when their was only one safari zone in this national park i.e. Kanha safari zone. In that period, Kanha zone means Kanha National Park. Later with the passage of time, due to increase in tourism pressure, other core safari zones like Mukki, Kisli, Sarhi zones were created and visitors are offered jungle safari in these zones. Creation of new core zones ensured better tourism management in Kanha national park for which it is known world wide.

Here in Kanha national park, we can find 04 core zones which are accessible from different entry gates. Here in below given table, we have shared information about various core zones and their accessibility through different entry gates.
Core Zones Entrance Gates
(Full Safari)
Entrance Gate
(Single Seat Safari)
Kanha Zone Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate Khatia Gate
Mukki Zone Khatia / Mukki Gate Mukki Gate
Kisli Zone Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate Khatia Gate
Sarhi Zone Khatia / Sarhi Gate Sarhi Gate

When we use the word "Core-zones" then it is obvious that we would like to know about the difference between Core zones and Buffer zones. As we know that Kanha Tiger Reserve comes under Project Tiger which is managed by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) thus here all the guidelines of NTCA is applied. According to rules, all the tiger reserves under Project tiger are divided into two layers of forest i.e. Core area and Buffer area. As the name suggests, Core area is the central part of tiger reserve forest. It is believed to the safest part of forest which shares its boundary with only buffer zone and not directly with outer world. Similarly the surrounding forest of core area is considered as Buffer area. It provides security and cushining to Core area forest and it shares its boundary with both core area and outer world. Buffer area forest shares inner boundary with core area and outer boundary with rest of the world. While declaring any forest as Tiger Reserve, officials determines its core area and buffer area first and tries to increase the buffer area with the passage of time. Safari zones of Core area forest are called Core zones of that national park and similarly Buffer area forest is divided into safari zones and thus called Buffer zones of that tiger reserve. Here in Kanha also, we will find core zones and buffer zones for safari drives.


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