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Jungle safari at Kanha national park is a wonderful experience. It is a beautiful forest thus mesmerize the tourists in safari drives. Jungle safari is not just wandering inside the tiger reserve with guide and driver. It is a science as well as art. Here we do safari and apply our intelligence in tracking through information exchange between jeeps, using calls guide predicts the animal movements or presence, pugmarks are use to anticipating the movement etc. Similarly waiting for some wildlife action, anticipating some movements, positioning jeep for some phtographic shot is art of safaris. In addition to these tips, We can further enhance our safari experience by adopting following steps, at Kanha national park.

Kanha safari experience

How to get best safari experience ?

There are many ways by which we can try to enhance our safari experience. Kanha tiger reserve is a best forest to witness scenic forest and variety of wildlife species are one place. By adopting following steps, we can further enhance our experience. Lets go through it and try to understand the role of each step.

  • Advance booking: Kanha national park remains in demand, due to its high popularity and presence of big cities like Nagpur, Raipur, Jabalpur at close vicinity. For doing jungle safari at pouplar safari zones, we should must book the safari permits in initial days, when online booking window get opens. Thus we should must follow this step to ensure safari in popular zone.
  • Use guide by choice: By using a fixed safari guide for all safari drives, we will have a dedicated person to lookafter your safari drives and focus the drives as per your safari objectives. If we use roster guides, they will take sometime to understand your requirements. Still they will not be aware of what we have already seen in past safaris so leave them and target other species.
  • Use vehicle by choice: By using this option, we will be able to ensure same safari driver for all our safari drives. Good safari driver know where to stop for good photography shots, drive with what speed to reach the right spot at right time. When some sighting is already going on, he will position the vehicle at such a spot that guest will have sighting and can do photography. In roster system, sometimes we get understanding driver but sometimes we may get negligant driver who may spoil the experience or cause missing of some golden chances of sighting.
  • Active dialogue with guide & driver: During safari drive, we should maintain dialogue with our safari driver and guide to understand what is going on or they are driving with which plan or if waiting at some point then understand the reason. If we remain in communication, we will be able to decide wheter to wait more or move on to other place. Sometimes waiting patiently at some spot, may results good sighting but sometime it proves wastage of time. It is a pure gamble because animals or birds moves as per there own plan, not as per our tourists convenience.
  • Camera & binocular: While doing jungle safaris in Kanha national park, camera and binocular plays active role to enhance the safari experience. Due to dense vegetation, animals and birds sighting is not easy, despite of assured presence. Similarly animals and birds tries to avoid human prensence thus for better and long sighting, we have to maintain distance. Disadvantages of distance can be covered by tools like binocular and camera. Many times, we will face a situation in which guide is able to see the animal due to practice and keen eyes, far better than normal tourists. In such case, in order to help the tourits, availability of binocular and camera plays appreciable role. This definitely enhances the safari experience.
  • Use of in-house naturalist: When tourits are foreigners or keen have deep wildlife interest, presence of in-house naturalist definitely enhances the safari experience. This service costs additional but is equally beneficial. Knowledge level and command over english language of in-house naturalist is far better than park management guides. In-house naturalists are basically trained person with good educational background where as park management naturalists have good tracking knowledge but due to poor educational background and average training, they are not able to express there knowledge in a way, understandable to tourists.
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