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mandu madnya pradeshMandu is a ruined city, located in Dhar district of State of Madhya Pradesh in Indian. Mandu is also known by the name of Mandavgarh, Shadiabad (City of Joy). It is about 98km. away from Indore and at an elevation of 633 meters. Nearest Railway station for Mandu is Ratlam (124km.)

Mandu was originally the capital of Parmara Rajputs rulers since 10th century till 14th century. However, the 1401 invasion of Delhi by the Mongols came as a blessing and Malwa seized independence under its Afghan governor. Then began an era of prosperity and fortune that lasted right through the Mughal invasion until the Marathas captured Mandu in 1732.

Mandu is mainly known for the love story of Sultan Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. Once out hunting , Baz Bahadur chanced upon a shepherdess frolicking and singing with her friends. Smitten by both her enchanting beauty and her mellifluous voice, he begged Roopmati to accompany him to his capital. Roopmati agreed to go to Mandu on the condition that she would live in a palace within sight of her beloved and venerated river, Narmada. Thus was built the Rewa Kund at Mandu. Nowadays, their family members' are living in Indore. On knowing about Roopmati’s beauty and sweet voice, Mughals decided to invade Mandu and capture both Baz Bahadur and Roopmati. Mandu was easily defeated and when Mughal forces marched towards fort, Roopmati poisoned herself to avoid capture as she know the result of capture. Baz Bahadur fled to Chittorgarh (In Rajasthan) and ultimately he spend rest of his life in Court of Delhi by entertaining Moughals rulers through singing.

During its time of prosperity in Mandu, nobody was poor in the city. Any poor permitted to stay in the city was donated a brick and a gold coin each by the residents of the city so as to bring him / her at par with others. The live example is "Dai Ka Mahal" which was built by a poor old woman on joining the city. Mandu is also famous for its special kind of tamarind known as Mandu ki Imli, the fruit looks like a papaya. The second famous fruit of the Mandu is "Khirani", a yellow coloured fruit also known as "Mandu ka Mewa".

Places to see in Mandu are Darwazas (gateways), Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace), Hindola Mahal, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, Rewa Kund, Roopmati Pavallion, Caves & Temples etc. Rainy season enhances the beauty of Mandu.

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