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Pench National Park

pench national park IndiaThe national Park Owes its name to the river Pench flowing through the centre of the park, which divides it into the western Chhindwara Block ( 141.61 Sq. Km ) and the eastern Seoni Block ( 145.24 Sq.km ). Kala Pahar, the park’s highest hill, reaches 650 m above sea level. This national park received international recognition from Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale, the Jungle Book.This is a typical Central Indian teak jungle, with hilly terrain and several jungle streams, and it supports a rich variety of wildlife, including the tiger, leopard, wild dog, gaur, sambar, chital and brilliant birdlife. The Park’s open habitat not only lends well to wildlife viewing, but it also offers striking views of the area’s sheer beauty.
The park has two entry points, at Ganda Tola and Kodajhiri, which have well - guarded forest barriers. The buffer zone of 465 sq. km comprises 333 sq km of reserve forests, 102 sq km of reserve forests, and 30 sq km of revenue land.
To Provide a permanent water supply to the animals in the park, many tanks have been dug. The main tanks are chhindbari, Toyamit and Khamreeth. A few nallahs, such as Kharanda and Bamandoh, are used a storage tanks.

The forest and grassland of Kanha and Pench provided the magical setting of the Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling's famous Jungle Book, writen in 1894. Kipling's story of the boy raised by wolves drew inspiration from the william henry sleeman's pamphlet, 'An account of wolves Nuturing Childeren in Their Dens'. which describes a wolf - boy captured in seoni district near the village of sant Baori in 1831.
Even today, when one visits Pench and Kanha, popularly referred to as kipling's Country, one can feel the tale and its characcters come alive and can sense Mowgli and sher Khan watching from a distance, away from prying human eyes.
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