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Bandhavgarh National Park


Birds in Bandhavgarh Bandhavgarh national park is located in the Vindhya Mountain Range of Central India. Forest areas is spread over ancient hill which used to be ruled by Maharaja's of Rewa. Baghel rulers, have their rule over this region and Bandhavgarh tiger reserve forest was their private hunting preserve till year 1968. Although they shifted their capital, far early but they had influence till 1968. The forest formation of Bandhavgarh national park is dominated by Sal and bamboos. The national park is famous at all around the world for the tigers density and is probably one of the best places to see tigers in their natural habitat. Once a royal hunting place of Maharaja’s Bandhavgarh, has been flourished through various significant historical legends most of which have been learnt from the legends of Ramayana. Interestingly, Bandhavgarh is a legendary place that has much historical importance. It is good combination of heritage & nature tourism.

Apart from watching different kinds of mammal species, we can explore large number of bird species in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The rich avi-fauna of the Vindhya ranges makes the locale more intriguing. The admixture of dense tropical forests, fields, scrub and wetland at Bandhavgarh brings the most captivating reasons for the birds to choose this location their favorable habitat. Enjoy watching chirping and brightly colored birds as they flit from one tree to another and enliven the Bandhavgarh forests.

Birding in Bandhavgarh

There is an abundant variety of Indian wildlife, including birds in Bandhavgarh National Park. There are 250 bird species belonging to 53 families, out which 138 are resident, 26 are local migrants and 86 are migrant birds in Bandhavgarh National Park. Large varieties of birds are found in the Bandhavgarh forest area, which can be a bird-watchers delight. The place excels as habitat for raptors and vultures. Many of these birds breed here including Long Billed Vulture. The best period for birding is in winters whence migrants arrive. But summer birding is equally good since sightings increase in dry canopy. The resident birds of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are as attractive and in great numbers. Bamera, Garhpuri, Majhauli and Khitauli reservoirs in and around Bandhavgarh National Park are the ideal areas for migratory birds during winter. In the tourism zone, Jamuniya, Chakrdhara, Sheshsaiya, Bhitari, Bathan, Rajbahera, and Sehra are some of the important places for bird watchers and observers of Indian wildlife in Bandhavgarh. Remember to carry binoculars on your tours for gazing at the birds of Bandhavgarh, as it is easier to spot birds like this as you trek along the nature trails.

Birds Checklist

As we know that Bandhavgarh tiger reserve can be visited as part of birding tour. Here we can find hilly terrains, steep rocky hilly, wetlands, marshy lands which are ideal for birds for nesting and survival. Although it is more popular for tigers but it is possible to explore this destination for bird watching also. Till the time when fort safari was operated in Bandhavgarh, we enjoyed the sighting of vulture nests from top and large number of tourists gather her for bird watching as it allows watching birds are eye-level from mountain peak. This place is good for grey and great hornbills photography. Bandhavgarh fort is ideal place to do bird photography. If you get the chance to visit this place, then must carry your camera to exploit the chance of visit.
Ardeidae: Herons, Egrets and Bitterns
Grey Heron Ardea cinerea
Purple Heron Ardea purpurea
Pond Heron Ardeola grayii
Cattle Egret Bulbulcus Ibis
Large Egret Ardea alba
Median Egret Egretta intermedia
Little Egret Egretta garzetta
Black Bittern Ixobrychus flavicollis
Chestnut Bittern Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
Ciconiidae: Storks
Openbill Stork Anastomus oscitans
Whitenecked Stork Ciconia episcopus
Black Stork Ciconia nigra
Lesser Adjutant Stork Leptoptilos javanicus
Painted Stork Mycteria leucocephala
Podicipedidae: Grebes
Little Grebe Podiceps ruficollis
Threskiornithidae: Ibises and Spoonbill
White Ibis Threskiornis aethiopica
Black Ibis Pseudibis papillosa
Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia
Phalacrocoracidae: Cormorants and Darters
Large Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo
Darter Anhingra rufa
Anatidae: Ducks, Geese and Swans
Barheaded Goose Anser indicus
Lesser Whistling Teal Dendrocygna juvanica
Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea
Pintail Anas acuta
Common Teal Anas crecca
Red-crested Pochard Netta rufina
Common Pochard Aytya ferina
Comb Duck Sarkidiornis melanotos
Cotton Teal Nettapus coromandelians
Turnicidae: Bustard-Quails
Common Bustard Quail Turnix suscitator
Accipitridae: Hawks and Vultures
White Eyed Hawk Butastur teesa
Honey Bazzard Pernis ptilorhynchus
Black Kite Milvus migrans
Shikra Accipiter badius
Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus
Black-winged Kite Elanus caerulus
Horsefield's Goshawk Accipiter soloensis
Created Hawk Eagle Spizaetus cirrhatus
Bonnelli's Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus
Steppe Eagle Aquila rapax
Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina
Grey-headed Fishing Eagle Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus
Black or King Vulture Sarcogyps calvus
Indian Longbilled Vulture Gyps indicus
Whitebacked Vulture Gyps bengalensis
Egyptain Scavenger Vulture Neophron percnopterus
Hen Harrier Circus cynaeus
Pied Harrier Cricus melanoleucos
Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus
Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus
Crested Serpent Eagle Spilornis cheela
Osprey Pandion haliaetus
Flaconidae: Falcons
Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinuns
Eurasian Hobby Falco subbuteo
Eurasian Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
Phasianidae: Pheasants, Partridges and Quails
Painted Partridge Francolinus pictus
Grey Partridge Francolinus pondicerianus
Jungle Bush Quail Perdicula asiatica
Painted Spurfowl Galloperdix lunulata
Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus
Common Peafowl Pava cristatus
Gruidae: Cranes
Saurus Crane Grus antigone
Rallidae: Rails and Coots
Whitebreasted Waterhen Amaurornis phoenicurus
Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus
Coot Fulica atra
Jacanidae: Jacanas
Pheasant tailed Jacana Hydrophasianus chirurgus
Bronzewinged Jacana Metopidius indicus
Rostratulidae: Painted Snipe
Painted Snipe Rostratula benghalensis
Recurvirostridae: Stilts and Avocets
Blackwinged Stilt Himantopus himantopus
Burhinidae: Stone-Curlews
Stone Curlew Burhinus oedicnimus
Great Stone Plover Esacus magnirostris
Charadriidae: Plovers, Sandpipers and Snipe
Red-wattled Lapwing Vanellus indicus
Spur-winged Lapwing Vanellus spinosus
Yellow-wattled Lapwing Vanellus malabaricus
Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius
Lesser Sand Plover Charadrius mongolus
Greenshank Tringa nebularia
Spotted Redshank Tringa erythropus
Green Sandpiper Tringa ochropus
Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola
Common Sandpiper Tringa hypoleucos
Fantail Snipe Gallinago gallinago
Temminck's Stint Calidris temminckii
Little Stint Calidris minuta
Caprimulgidae: Nightjars
Jungle Nightjar Cahrimulgus indicus
Common Indian Nightjar Cahrimulgus asiaticus
Franklin's Nightjar Cahrimulgus affinis
Apodidae: Swifts
Whiterumped Spinetail Chaetura sylvatica
House Swifts Apus affinis
Crested Tree Swifts Hemiprocne Longipennis
Alcedinidae: Kingfishers
Lesser Pied Kingfisher < Ceryle rudis
Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis
Strokbilled Kingfisher Pelargopis capensis
White-brested Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis
Meropidae: Bee-eater
Green Bee-eater Merops orientalis
Bluebearded Bee-eater Nyctyornis athertoni
Coracidae: Rollers
Indian Roller Coracias benghalensis
Laridae: Gulls and Terns
Indian River Tern Sterna aurantia
Blackbellied Tern Sterna acuticauda
Pteroclidae: Sandgrouse
Painted Sandgrouse Pterocles indicus
Columbidae: Pigeons and Doves
Yellowlegged Green Pigeon Treron Phoenicoptera
Blue Rock Pigeon Columba livia
Rufous Turtle Dove Streptopelia orientalis
Indian Ring Dove Streptopelia decaocta
Red Turtle Dove Streptopelia tranquebarica
Spotted Dove Streptopelia chinensis
Little Brown Dove Streptopelia senegalensis
Emerald Dove Chalcophaps indica
Psittacidae: Parrots
Large Parakeet Psittacula eupatria
Rose-ringed Parakeet Psittacula krameri
Blossom-headed Parakeet Psittacula cyanocephala
Cuculidae: Cuckoos
Pied Crested Cuckoo Clamator jacobinus
Common Hawk Cuckoo Cuculus varius
Indian Cuckoo Cuculus micropterus
The Cuckoo Cuculus canorus
Plaintive Cuckoo Cacomantis passerinus
Drango Cuckoo Surniculus lugubris
Koel Eudynamys scolopacea
Sirkeer Cuckoo Taccocua leschenaultii
Crow Pheasant Centropus sinensis
Upupidae: Hoopoes
Hoopoe Upupa epops
Bucerotidae: Hornbills
Common Grey Hornbills Tockus birostris
Malabar Pied Hornbills Anthracoceros coronatus
Strigidae: Owls
Collared Scops Owl Otus bakkamoena
Brown Fish Owl Bubo zeylonensis
Jungle Owlet Glucidium radiatum
Brown Hawk Owl Ninox scultulata
Spotted Owlet Athene brama
Mottled Wood Owl Strix ocellata
Capitonidae: Barbet
Large Green Barbet Megalaima Zeylanica
Crimson Breasted Barbet Megalaima haemacephala
Picidae: Woodpackers
Wryneck Jynx torquilla
Rufous Woodpacker Micropternus brachyurus
Little Scalybellied Green Woodpacker Picus myrmecophoneus
Lesser Golden Backed Woodpacker Dinopium benghalense
Yellowfronted Pied Woodpacker Picoides mahrattensis
Brown Crowned Pigmy Woodpacker Picoides nanus
Black-backed Woodpacker Chrysocolaptes festivus
Pittidae: Pittas
Indian Pitta Pitta brachyura
Aludidae: Larks
Bush Lark Mirafra assamica
Ashycrowned Finch-lark Eremopterix grisea
Rufoustailed Finch-lark Ammonanes phoenicurus
Hirundinidae: Swallows
Plain Sand Martin Riparia paludicola
Crag Martin Hirundo rupestris
Dusky Crag Martin Hirundo concolor
Swallow Hirundo rustica
Wire-tailed Swallow Hirundo smithii
Red-rumped or Straited Swallow Hirundo daurica
Lanidae: Shrikes
Baybaked Shrike Lanius vittatus
Rufoubacked Shrike Lanius schach
Brown Shrike Lanius cristatus
Oriolidae: Orioles
Golden Oriole Oriolus oriolus
Backheaded Oriole Oriolus xanthornus
Campephagidae: Cuckooshrikes and Minivets
Common Wood-shrike Tephrodornis pondicerianus
Large Cuckoo-shrike Coracina novaehoolandiae
Smaller Grey Cuckoo-shrike Coracina melaschistos
Black-headed Cuckoo-shrike Coracina melanoptera
Longtailed Minivet Pericrocotus ethologus
Small Minivet Pericrocotus cinnamomeus
Whitebellied Minivet Pericrocotus erythropygius
Dicruridae: Drongos
Black Drongo Dicrurus adsimilis
Ashy Drongo Dicrurus leucophaeus
Whitebellied Drongo Dicrurus caerulescens
Haircrested Drongo Dicrurus hottentottus
Greater Racket Tailed Drongo Dicrurus paradiseus
Sturnidae: Starlings and Mynas
Grey-headed Myna Sturnus malabaricus
Brahminy Myna Sturnus Pogodarum
Rosy Pastor Sturnus roseus
Pied Myna Sturnus contra
Common Myna Acridtheres tristis
Jungle Myna Acridotheres fuscus
Corvidae: Crows, Magpies and Jays
Indian Tree Pie Dendrocitta vagabunda
House Crow Corvus splendens
Jungle Crow Corvus macrorhynchos
Irenidae: Ioras and Leaf Birds
Common Iora Aegithinia tiphia
Golden-fronted Chloropsis Chloropsis aurifrons
Goldmantled Chloropsis Chloropsis cochinchinensis
Pycnonotidae: Bulbuls
Redvented Bulbul Pycnonotus cafer
Muscicapidae: Babblers, Flycatchers, Thrushes and Chats
Spotted Babbler Pellorneum ruficeps
Slatyheaded Scimitar Babbler Pomatorhinus schisticeps
Rufousbellied Babbler Dumetia hyperythra
Large Grey Babbler Turdoides malcolmi
Jungle Babbler Turdoides striatus
Quaker Babbler Alcippe poioicephala
Yelloweyed Babbler Crysomma sinense
Brown Flycatcher Muscicapa latirostris
Redbreasted Flycatcher Muscicapa parva
Whitebrowed Blue Flycatcher Muscicapa superciliaris
Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Muscicapa tickelliae
Verditer Flycatcher Muscicapa thalassina
Greyheaded Flycatcher Culicicapa ceylonensis
Whitebrowed Fantail Flycatcher Rhipidura aureola
Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi
Blacknaped Flycatcher Monachus azurea
Slaty Blue Flycatcher Muscicapa leucomelanura
Streaked Fantail Warbler Cisticolo juncidis
Franklin's Wren-warbler Prinia hodgsonii
Jungle Wren-warbler Prinia sylvatica
Tailor Bird Orthotomus sutorius
Indian Great Reed Warbler Acrocephalus stentoreus
Blyth's Reed Warble Acrocephalus dumetorum
Lesser White throat Sylvia curruca
Brown Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus collybita
Tickell's Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus affinis
Olivaceous Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus griseolus
Dusky Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus fuscatus
Yellowbrowed Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus
Dull Green Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus trochiloides
Blyth's Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus reguloides
Rubythroat Erithacus calliope
Bluethroat Erithacus svecicus
Magpie Robin Copsychus saularis
Shama Copsychus saularis
Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros
Stone Chat Saxicola torquata
Pied Bush Chat Saxicola caprata
Dark-grey-Bush Chat Saxicola ferrea
Blueheaded Rock Thrush Monticola cinchlorhynchus
Blue Rock Thrush Monticola solitarius
White Throated Ground Thrush Zoothera citrina
Smallbilled Mountain Thrush Zoothera dauma
Tickell's Thrush Turdus unicolor
Paridae: Tits
Grey Tit Parus major
Slittidae: Nuthatches
Chestnut Bellied Nuthatch Sitta castanea
Spotted Grey Creeper Salpornis spilonotos
Motacillidae: Pipits & Wagtails
Indian Tree Pipit Anthus hodgsonii
Paddyfield Pipit Anthus novaeseelandiae
Tawny Pipit Anthus campestris
Brown Rock Pipit Anthus similis
Forest Wagtail Motacilla indica
Yellowheaded Wagtail Motacilla citreola
Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea
Pied Wagtail Motacilla alba
Large Pied Wagtail Motacilla maderaspatensis
Yellow Wagtail Motacikka flava
Dicaeidae: Flowerpeckers
Thickbilled Flowerpecker Dicaeum agile
Tickell's Flowerpeckers Dicaeum erythrorhynchos
Nectariniidae: Sunbirds
Purple Sunbirds Nectarina asiatica
Zosteropidae: White-eyes
White-eyes Zosterops palpebrosa
Ploceidae : Munias
House sparrow Passer domesticus
Yellow-throated Sparrow Petronia xanthocollis
White-throated Munia Lonchura malabarica
White-backed Munia Lonchura striata
Spotted Munia Lonchura punctulata
Baya Ploceus philippinus
Fringillidae: Finches
Common Rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus
Emberizidae: Buntings
Whitecapped Bunting Emberiza stewarti
Crested bunting Melophus lathami

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