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Mammals in Bandhavgarh


Bandhavgarh Safari Booking Here we have tried to prepare list of mammals in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve area. During Bandhavgarh tour, jungle safari is the main activity. During Bandhavgarh jungle safari drives, we can find various mammal species and can photograph them. Among those mammal species, some of them can be seen easily where as many species are rare or endangered and thus it is no so easy to locate them and enjoy their sighting like Tiger, Leopards, Indian Gaur, Sloth Bear etc.

Bandhavgarh Mammals Checklist

Here we have arranged list of mammal species whose sighting has been recorded and list has been prepared for readers.


Species Common Name Local Name Scientific Name
Cats Tiger Bagh / Sher Panthera tigris
Leopard /Panther Tendua / Gulbagh Panthera pardus
Jungle Cat Junglee Billi Felis chaus
Antelopes, Gazelles Blue Bull Nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus
Chinkara Chinkara Gazella gazella
Four-horned Antelope Chowsingha Tetraceros quadricornis
Bovine Indian Gaur Gaur Bos gaurus
Dogs Wolf Bhediya Canis lupus
Indian Wild Dog Dhole/Sone Kutta/Jungle Kutta Cuon alpinus
Jackal Gidhar / Siyar Canis aureus
Indian Fox Lomdi Vulpes bengalensis
Deer Sambar Sambar Cervus unicolor
Spotted Deer Chital Axis axis
Muntjac/Barking Deer Kakar Muntiacus muntjak
Hyaena Striped Hyaena Lakar-baggha Hyaena hyaena
Bears Sloth Bear Bhalu / Reech Melursus ursinus
Apes, Monkeys,Lemurs Common Langur Langur Presbytis entellus
Rehus Macaque Bandar Macaca mulatta
Pig Wild Boar Junglee Suar Sus scrofa
Civets Small Indian Civer Kasturi Viverricula indica
Common Palm Civer Kasturi Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
Weasels Honey Badger Kabar Bijoo Melivora capensis
Mongoose Ruddy Mongoose Nevla Herpestes smithii
Common Mongoose Nevla Herpestes edwardsi
Pangolins Indian Pangolin Chinti Khor Manis crassicaudata
Insectivores Indian Tree Shrew Bans Gilahri Anathana ellioti
Grey Musk Shrew Chachunder Suncus murinus
Bats Fulvous Fruit Bat Chamgadar Rousettus leschenaulti
Flying Fox Chamgadar Pteropus giganteus
Indain False Vampire Chamgadar Megaerma lyra
Indian Pipistrelle Chamgadar Pipistrellus coromandra
Rodents Five-striped Squirrel Gilahri Funambulus pennati
Indian Porcupine Sehi Hystrix indica
Indian Mole Rat Chuha Bandicota bengalensis
Hares Indian Hare Khargosh Lepus nigricollis

Bandhavgarh Safari Timing

We can enjoy the sighting of above listed mammal species through jungle safari drives. Here in Bandhavgarh, online safari tickets are offered to all visitors so that they can do their safari permits booking in advance and enjoy the safari drives. Bandhavgarh safari timing information is given below:
Safari Rounds
Safari Timing
Morning Safari
06:30 hrs - to - 10:30 hrs
Evening Safari
15:00 hrs - to - 18:00 hrs
It is the average safari timing. Here morning safari begins 30 minutes before sunrise and evening safari closes, 30 minutes after sunset. As per season, sunrise and sunset timing changes thus accordingly park authority changes the safari timings.

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