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Mammals in Kanha National Park

indian porcupine kanhaKanha is home to big mammals such as the elephant, tiger, striped hyena, leopard, jackal, bear, black buck, spotted deer, swamp deer, wild dog, wild bison (gaur) and various species of monkeys. There are also the small otters, hares, snakes, the list is unending.

List of mammals one can spot at kanha national park:

Apes, Monkeys, Lemurs

Common or Grey Langur
Local name: bander;
Scientific name: Presbytis entellus.

Rhesus Macaque
Local name: Bander, lal mooh walla;
Scientific name: Macaca mulatta

Antelopes, Gazelles

Blue Bull
Local name: Nilgai,
Scientific name: Boselaphus tragocamelus

Four gorned Antelope
Local name: Chowsingha;
Scientific name: Tetraceros quadricornis

Local name: Chahiugari, chinkara,
Scientific name: Gazella gazella

Local name: Jungli Bhains;
Scientific name: Bos gaurus


Scientific name: (Pteropus giganteus)

Fulvous Fruit Bat
Local name: Chimkadar;
Scientific name: Rousettus leschenaulti

Indian False Vampire
Local name: Chimkadar;
Scientific name: Megaerma lyra

Indian Pipistrelle
Local name: Chimkadar
Scientific name: Pipistrellus coromandra


Sloth Bear
Local name: Bhalu;
Scientific name: Melursus ursinus


Local name: Sher, Bagh;
Scientific name: Panthera tigris

Leopard or Panther
Local name: Tendua/ Cheetah
Scientific name: Panthera pardus

Jungle cat
Local name: Jungli billi;
Scientific name: Felis chaus


Small Indian Civet
Local name: Kasturi;
Scientific name: Viverricula indica

Common Palm civet of Toddy Cat
Local name: Kasturi;
Scientific name: Paradoxurus hermaphroditus


Local name: Sambar;
Scientific name: Cervus unicolor

Spotted Deer
Local name: chital;
Scientific name: Cervus (Axis)axis

Muntjac of Barking Deer
Local name Bhansa of Kadad;
Scientific name: Muntiacus muntjak

Indian Wild Boar
Local name: Suar;
Scientific name: Sus scrofa

Bara Singha


Local name: Bhediya;
Scientific name: Canis lupus

Local name: Gidar, siyar, sikat;
Scientific name: Canis aureus

Indian Fox
Local name: Lomri, phyao;
Scientific name: Vulpes bengalensis

Dhole or Indian Wild Dog
Local name: Sone Kutta
Scientific name: Cuon alpinus


Indian Hare
Local name: Khargosh;
Scientific name: Lepus nigricollis

Striped Hyaena
Local name: Lakkar bagga;
Scientific name: Hyaena hyaena


Indian Tree Shrew
Scientific name: Anathana ellioti

Grey Musk Shrew
Local name: Chhuchunder;
Scientific name: Suncus murinus


Ruddy Mongoose
Local name: Neola, newra;
Scientific name: Herpestes smithii

Common Mongoose
Local name: Neola, newra;
Scientific name: Herpestes edwardsi


Indian Pangolin
Scientific name: Manis crassicaudata


Five-striped Palm Squirrel
Local name: Gilheri;
Scientific name: Funambulus pennanti

Indian Porcupine, Kanha National Park ToursIndian Mole Rat
Scientific name: Bandicota bengalensis

Indian Porcupine
Local name: Sehi;
Scientific name: Hystrix indica


Honey Badger of Ratel
Local name: Bijoo, Kabar bijoo;
Scientific name: Mellivora capensis

Mammals Check List of Kanha National park
Kanha Mammals
  Barasingha Barking Deer (Muntjak) Chital
  Gaur Hyena Jackal
  Jungal Cat Langur Leopard
  Sambar Sloth Bear Tiger
  Wild Boar Wild Dog Small Indian Civet
  Common Palm Civet Ruddy Mongoose Indian Wolf
  Common Mongoose Indian Fox Ratel
  Indian Porcupine Indian Hare Nilgai
  Chowsingha Indian Pangolin Indian Flying Fox
  Fulvous Fruit Bat Greater False Vampire Indian Pipistrelle
  Indian Tree Shrew Flying Squirrel  

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