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Best time to visit Amarkantak


Best time to visit Amarkantak Amarkantak is a peaceful pilgrimage destination in South-East of Madhya Pradesh state. It is located in amidst of lush green nature in hills of Satpura thus we can say that apart from pilgrimage, tourists can visit this place to enjoy the scenic nature and experience of hill station. It has important place in Madhya Pradesh tourism thus it is included in all major Central India tours covering Madhya Pradesh tourist places and Chattisgarh tourist destinations. It is considered as the best place for spiritual practice as it is free from hustle & bustle of city life and one can enjoy some extent of soulce in this place. Here we can find both Hindu temples and some Jain temples thus people from different religion can visit this destination. It is one place that will make even the not-so-spiritual start believing in spirituality. Popularly known as 'Teerthraj' - 'the king of pilgrimages', the place is frequently visited by pilgrims from all over the world. As if this was not enough, the geographical features of the place enhance its beauty. A meeting point of the glorious Vindhya and the Satpura mountain ranges, at the Maikal Hills; Amarkantak is also origin to the holy rivers of Narmada (which is more than 150 million years older than the Ganges River Ganga), the 'Sone' and the 'Johila'. The town is extremely sacred to the Hindus is deemed to be a door-way to 'Nirwana'! The vegetation in the area is of great medicinal importance too. Home to a rich variety of plants and trees having medicinal properties, this is extremely significant place from an ecological point of view. The wilderness one experiences here is truly one of its kinds. Even its location at an altitude of 1000 meters, is noteworthy. All this and much more add to the rich natural heritage that Amarkantak accommodates. Here we can experience the presence of tourists & devotees, throughout the year. Still their is a period of the year which is considered as the best time to visit Amarkantak. In below given paragraph, we have discussed about that period.

Best time to visit Amarkantak

Being a pilgrimage destinations and a hill station, Amarkantak experiences pleasant climate throughout the year. Here best time to visit Amarkantak varies as per interest of visitor. Throughout the year we will find the tourists in Amarkantak because they visit as per their preference, likes and desirable time. The subtropical climate makes winters as the preferred time to visit for general visitors. This period ranges from September to April. During festival period i.e. August to November period and March month, we will notice large pool of devotees from nearby cities and townships. Tourists prefers to visit from October to April month as it offers pleasant climatic condition and many holidays falls in this period. Thus, during this period Amarkantak tends to be quite crowded. Here we can experience all the seasons of the year i.e. summers, spring, winters and monsoon seasons. Summers are hot and dry, where the temperature can even cross 45°Celsius. Also, the biggest festival of the city 'Naramada Jayanti' is celebrated during January at the time of Makar Sankranti.

Summer season in Amarkantak

As Amarkantak is located in hilly region so Summer season is convenient period to visit this holy place. Here summer starts in the month of mid-March and ends in mid-June. The weather during this season is usually warm and the temperature ranges between 25°Celsius and 35°Celsius. During this period, morning and evening offers pleasant time for outing. Summer is the time for school-holidays thus large number of families tends to visit Amarkantak in this period.

Monsoon season in Amarkantak

Monsoon reaches Central India in mid of June and lasts till September end. It is the time to enjoy the lush green nature, spread over the Satpura hills. It is the best time to visit Amarkantak for nature lovers and nature photographers. Moderate rain occurs all throughout the season and the climate becomes very pleasant. Lush green nature and low clouds offers best chance for nature photography. The monsoon rain makes Amarkantak very captivating with greenery all over. During this period, temperature remain around 15°C to 25°C.

Winter season in Amarkantak

This is the post monsoon period with full greenery in hills, plenty of water in rivers, waterholes, nullahs, falls. Winter in the region starts from December and lasts till beginning of March month. Days as well as nights are chilly during this season and the minimum temperature reaches up to 0°Celsius. Maximum temperature recorded during the winters is 18°C. Favorable climatic condition makes it easy to explore this magnificent place.

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